Flower Garden Brooches

details  |StonewareHypoallergenic Stainless steel earring pin and butterflybrass jump ringsDimensions: ONE:  3,5cm (h) x 3,5cm (w)TWO:  4cm (h) x 3,5cm (w)THREE:  4cm (h) x 3cm (w)FOUR:  3cm (h) x 2,5cm (w)

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details  |

  • Stoneware
  • Hypoallergenic Stainless steel earring pin and butterfly
  • brass jump rings
  • Dimensions: 
          • ONE:  3,5cm (h) x 3,5cm (w)
          • TWO:  4cm (h) x 3,5cm (w)
          • THREE:  4cm (h) x 3cm (w)
          • FOUR:  3cm (h) x 2,5cm (w)

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