Half Moon Hair Clip - Green, White + Terracotta Marble

This alligator hair-clip is made by hand from marbled white, green and terracotta stoneware, and finished in a white gloss glaze.

Do be aware that the stoneware range require special care, during transportation and handling. A drop could be fatal to your new favourite accessory. Be extra careful when putting on or taking off, especially when standing over hard cement or tile surfaces.

All items are made individually, therefore they all have their own story to tell. While colours may be similar, no two can ever be the same. Enjoy the uniqueness :)

details  |

  • Stoneware
  • Metal alligator clip attached to back of ceramic
  • Dimensions: 6,5cm (h) x 3,5cm (w)

please note  |

Each pair is made individually by hand, therefore please allow for a slight change in colour and pattern.


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